Al-Shabaab seizes town near Kenyan border

Members of the hardline al Shabaab Islamist rebel group parade through the streets of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, January 1, 2010. Somalia’s hardline Islamist rebel group al Shabaab said on Friday it was ready to send reinforcement to al Qaeda in Yemen should the U.S. carry out retaliatory strikes, and urged other Muslims to follow suit. REUTERS/Feisal Omar (SOMALIA – Tags: CIVIL UNREST SOCIETY IMAGES OF THE DAY) – RTR28H00

Heavily armed militants were reported to have retaken control of a key town located near Somalia’s border with Kenya.

In a statement, Al-Shabaab claimed that its fighters moved in Dag Adey in Lower Jubba region following a gunfight with Jubbaland State forces on Saturday.

The local residents said they witness military vehicles with gun-toting Al-Shabab militants rolling into the town after Jubbaland soldiers were driven out during the clashes.

The border towns have been hit by attacks from Al-Shabaab since Kenya sent troops combat forces to Somalia in mid-2011 to battle the militants.

Al-Shabaab has been fighting to topple the UN-backed Somali government based in Mogadishu and the African Union forces in the country for nearly a decade.

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