Kenyan Police detain two Al-Shabaab suspects in Nairobi

Kenyan police have arrested two Al-Shabaab suspects in Nairobi’s Somali-dominated neighbourhood, Eastleigh.

The officers raided a house in Eastleigh where they apprehended the two suspects whose identities have not yet been announced.

In a statement, Kenya police said two Al-Shabaab suspects were arrested in Eastleigh on 20th this month.

“We have obtained information that the militants could be plotting to infiltrate their operatives into the country to stage attacks,” police said.

The police have called on Kenyans to continue being vigilant.

“While every effort is being made to uncover and neutralise such plots, we call on the public to exercise higher levels of alertness and to report promptly anything noted,” police said on Twitter.

Al-Shabaab fighters have carried out many attacks in Kenya in retaliation to the contribution of Kenya Defence Forces soldiers to the African Union Mission in Somalia.

Kenya first deployed soldiers in Somalia in October 2011 under the official slogan Operation Linda Nchi before they were amalgamated into Amisom the following year.



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