Somali parliament speaker reinstates finance committee

The speaker of the Somali lower house of the people has directed the house finance committee to return their work on Saturday.

Letter from Ambassador Mohamed Mursal Sheikh office has called upon the finance, planning and accountability committee to immediately submit the financial statement of 2017 and 2019 budget before the end of the year.

“ After considering the huge task awaiting the committee with limited time including the financial statement of 2017 and the approval of the next fiscal year budget, the committee should continue deliberating its work,” Ambassador Mursal said in a press statement sent to the newsrooms.

He also urged those who have a different opinion on the directive to respect the constitution and the law-making organ in the government.

The parliamentary speaker decision challenges earlier rule by his first deputy that dissolve the committee on November 28th for what he termed an infringement into the standing orders of the house and division within the members of the committee itself.

Abdiweli Sheikh Mudey also called for the establishment of new committee members and election of its chair two weeks ago which did not happen, speaker mural was outside the country for an official trip by then.

Somali parliament is not new to division and controversy since the Djibouti peace accord in the year 2000.

Vote of no confidence against the top government officials including the President, Prime Minister and most recently the speaker is very common in the house but things look different under President Farmajo and PM Kheyre government.



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