A suicide car bomber targets Somali army convoy in Afgoye

A suicide car bomber from Somalia’s Islamist group al-Shabab hit a military convoy outside Mogadishu Tuesday, causing an unknown number of deaths.

The attack targeting a passing military convoy occurred in Afgoye, a district about 30 km northwest of Mogadishu, police officer Maj. Abdiqadir Ali said.

“What we are sure [of] is a military vehicle was hit,” Ali said, adding there were casualties but the death toll had not yet been determined.

Al-Shabab’s military operations spokesman Abdiasis Abu Musab told Reuters they were responsible for the attack.

The group, an ally of al-Qaeda, is fighting to topple the country’s western-backed central government and impose its rule based on its own interpretation of sharia law.

Al-Shabab also wants to force out an African Union-mandated AMISOM peacekeeping force that is helping defend the government of President Mohammad Abdullahi Mohammad.

“One of our mujahideen [was] martyred after he rammed his car into a Somali military convoy,” Abu Musab said.

One military pick-up truck was destroyed while 12 soldiers were killed by the blast, he said and added that a second vehicle in the convoy was also damaged.

The soldiers in the convoy were U.S.-trained Somali military commandoes. Al-Shabab have targeted them on the same road several times in the past.

Source: somalipm.com


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