African Union Pledges to Step up Police Training in Jubbaland

African Union Mission in Somalia has pledged to ramp up training of Jubbaland police, the state’s security ministry said.

Recently, 160 police personnel have been deployed in the port city of Kismayo, the interim administrative capital of Jubbaland state to train police officers in the state.

Abdirashid Hassan Noor aka  Janan said Jubbaland authorities held talks with AMISOM officials on means of enhancing the capacity of the law enforcement agencies in the state.

“We held discussions with AMISOM officials on wide range issues including cooperation and police training,” said Janan.

The minister noted that the mission has pledged to train more police officers for the state.

“AU officials confirmed their commitment to take part in police rebuilding. They pledged to train officers for the state,” he affirmed.

The meeting comes less than a month after 160 AU police officers from Sierra Leone were deployed in Kismayo to help the stabilization efforts in the area.

Speaking the officers, Christine Alalo, AMISOM office commissioner said the officers will start supporting their counterparts in keeping law and order in the outstations of Jubbaland administration.

“Their aim of coming is to boost to the capacity of Jubbaland State Police Force. In 2016, we trained 600 police officers in Jubbaland and Sierra Leone FPU will help them build and empower their policing operations,” Ms. Alalo said.

This is Sierra Leone’s biggest police contingent to Somalia since it started deploying peacekeepers to Somalia.



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