China pledges training and equipment for Somali fishers

The government of China has pledged to give training to Somali fishermen to increase the productivity of the industry.

Somalia’s Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Resources Abdullahi Bidhan Warsame has held a meeting with Chinese Ambassador Qin Jian to discuss deepening the two countries’ fisheries connections.

The officials discussed means to enhance the cooperation between the two countries in Fishing industries.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Warsame said he would be interested receiving Chinese fisheries training and investments in infrastructure such as cold-chain, fish ports, processing facilities, and preparing products for export in exchange for allowing China greater access to its fisheries.

He described Somalia’s fishery resources are “abundant” and “full of great potential”.

Qin, in turn, said China wanted to help Somalia “independently develop” its resources and to “rebuild in peace.”

Facing the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden, Somalia has been wracked by decades of conflict and instability.

Both USAID and European Union donors have sought to stimulate the Somali fishery sector as a source of economic growth and food security for the country.



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