China provides $1.5 million U.S to Somalia

The government of China has provided 1.5 million USD for Somalia’s humanitarian crisis following torrential rains and floods sparked by Jubba and Shabelle Rivers.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs  (OCHA) last week said 718,000 people have been affected by the ongoing flooding in various parts of the country.

Speaking at a meeting held at the headquarters of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Mogadishu, the ambassador of China to Somalia, Qin Jian said his government donated the funds to support the victims of the serious floods.

“Chinese people are feeling the same with Somali people affected by floods. The Chinese government has decided to provide $1.5 million in cash to the Somalia government and people for humanitarian assistance,” said Jian.

Jian said his government was committed to stand with Somalia in the difficulties.

“China and Somalia enjoy a long friendship. China firmly supports the peace and development, sincerely wishes Somalia more achievements in realizing of lasting peace, stability and development in the country,” he assured.

The ambassador also pledged that his government will give Somali police uniform to the government.

“In this June, the other $1 million of Police uniform will arrive in Somalia from China,” he said.

For his part, Somali Foreign Minister, Ahmed Issa Awad commended the government of China for its tireless commitments to help Somalia.

“I want to thank the people’s of China through their ambassador for their continuous support and their friendly relationship that existed and continues to exist between China and Somalia. Today we have received and signed agreement of 1.5 M of aid that China responded to the appeal that Somali president, Somali Prime minister and Somali government have made to the world”  Awad said.

In January, China has donated a $6 million worth consignment including mosquito nets, water-tanks and tents.



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