Ethiopia troops pull out of Somalia town

Hundreds of Ethiopian troops pulled out of a town in central Somalia Sunday, latest location vacated by their forces in recent months, a security official said.

Mahad Hassan Mohamed, the deputy minister of security for Galmudug state has confirmed the withdrawal of the Ethiopian troops from their fixed military bases in Dhusamareb town.

Mohamed said that the troops moved to the border between Somalia and Ethiopia for an undisclosed reason, adding that the surprise pullout has not affected the city’s security.

Continuing, the minister pointed out that Galmudug state troops are no ready to take over the security responsibility and operate in the camps vacated by Ethiopian troops.

Dhusamareb which serves as the administrative capital of Galmudug has been previously under the moderate Islamist group, Ahlu Sunna that now joined in the regional administration following power share deal.



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