Federal states welcome the Senate report on the ongoing political crisis

The council of inter-state cooperation has welcomed has today welcomed the report on the dispute between the federal government and the federal member states.

The council hailed the efforts of the upper house to get a lasting solutions for the political tensions in the country.

“ Now, while considering the efforts of the upper of federal parliament to execute their constitutional duties to find and assess the cause-root of the standoff between the federal government of Somalia and federal member states, the council confidently welcomes the efforts and the stand of the senate so that the regional states get good representation” the statement reads in a part.

The council said they will readily support the hardwork of upper aimed to get solutions to the looming political difference between the federal member states and the federal government of Somalia.

“ The council is ready to work hand in hand with the senate on how to get solutions on the differences between the sides while considering the general interest of Somali people”

The Senate has on Tuesday released its report on the disagreement between the Federal Government and the regional states calling for resolution of the differences the sides.

The report which was based on fact-finding mission by Senators elected from the regional state who paid visit to the region last September categorized the concern of the state into eight major issues.

Some of the grievances raised by the regional states include formation and building of national army, completion of constitutional review process, formation of constitutional court among others.

Source: somalipm.com


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