Galmudug cabinet head welcomes Farmajo’s call for talks

The head of Galmudug Cabinet Sheikh Mohamed Shaakir has welcomed President Abdullahi Farmajo invitation to state leaders meeting in Mogadishu.

Shakir said Galmudug administration welcomes efforts by President of The Federal Republic of Somalia to resolve the differences with regional state administrations.

“Galmudug regional state of Somalia welcomes the call by the President to state administration leaders to resolve the difference between federal and state governments,”  Press statement from Sheikh Shakir office said.

He said Galmudug administration recognizes the wellbeing of the federal government and its leaders ruling out the decision by President Gelle Haf in Garowe in which he joined other three state leaders to sever ties with the federal government last week, adding that negotiation is the only way forward.

He said ” I call upon  both federal and state leaders to put the interest of the public first and resolve their differences in the negotiation table,”

He added ” I will take a leading role to bring two sides closer and together,”

Sheikh Shakir finally reminded Somali leaders not to forget 14th October 2017 truck bomb attack incident that killed more than 500 people and unit against terror attacks.



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