Interior Minister urged Southwest leaders to hold on-time election

The federal government of Somalia ordered South West authorities to hold the presidential elections in its scheduled time.

A statement from the ministry of interior and federalism ordered the leaders of the state to hold the upcoming presidential elections in its planned time.

“While fulfilling its mandate, the ministry of interior, federalism and reconciliation call on the leaders of South West authorities to hold the state’s elections in its scheduled date, 17th November 2018” the statement reads in part.

The ministry insisted that no delay of the presidential election will be accepted as the mandate of the current administration is running out.

“The mandate of the current administration runs up to 17th November 2018, no delay [ of the presidential elections] will be accepted” the statement adds.

The statement of the ministry comes a time when the residents in South West state express concern of whether the presidential elections will held at its scheduled time following the resignation of over ten members of the electoral body including the chairman and his two deputies.

The electoral committee accused the federal government of Somalia of interfering the electoral process of the regional state.

So far the electoral body has registered several presidential candidates including the former deputy leader of Al-shabab, Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansur.

Robow was cleared and issued a nomination certificate after he presented his papers to the electoral committee on Monday.



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