Jubbaland Forces Clash With Al Shabaab Near Kismayo City

The troops of Somalia’s southern Federal member state of Jubbaland were reported to have clashed with the Al-Qaeda-linked militants near the port city of Kismayo on Monday.

The combat flared up after Al Shabaab fighters began military movements around areas near Bula-Gadud town which are largely controlled by the regional forces.

Al Shabaab said in a statement published on its affiliated websites that it attacked Jubbaland soldiers manning checkpoint set up on the outskirts of the town.

There were independent sources confirming the attack and number of the casualties on both sides. Jubbaland is yet to comment on the latest raid on its army in the region.

Somali forces allied with AU and US soldiers have been battling Al-Shabaab in the villages near Kismayo city over the past few years as part of the efforts to stabilize the country.

Source: somalipm.com


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