Kenya denies claims Somalis entered Kenya without travel documents

Immigration principal secretary, Gordon Kihalangwa, has denied reports that 17 passengers of Somali origin were allowed to enter Kenya without proper travel documents and left to roam Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) freely.

Kihalangwa also rubbished claims that the foreign passengers were scheduled for deportation after they failed to produce the necessary documents and reason as to why they wanted to visit Uganda.

In a statement released Monday, October 22, the Immigration PS clarified the 17 Somalis in question landed in Kenya from Mogadishu, Somalia, and were on their way to Entebbe, Uganda.

The 17 passengers, the PS disclosed, neither had return tickets back to Mogadishu nor convincing reasons to visit Uganda.

“Subsequently, their transit was declined and was to be flown back on the same aircraft. Their documents were secured until the next day when they were to board. The aircraft that brought them was indemnified and informed accordingly,” Kihalangwa said.

According to the PS, the process of the departure of the 17 passengers coincided with the arrival of Thika MP Patrick Wainaina, who was just landing from Dubai.

Wainaina had accused the Immigration department of laxity claiming the 17 Somalia nationals were granted entry into Kenya and left to roam around the airport.



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