Kenya seeks Russia’s help to recognize Al-Shabab as ‘Global Threat’

Kenyan Authorities hope that Russia will use its diplomatic influence to assist in recognizing the Al-Shabab terrorist group, operating in East Africa, as a global threat.

Dido Rasso, a member of the Kenyan National Assembly Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations, said this in Kenya on Tuesday.

“One of the issues we look forward to the Russian Government and the Russian Federation is on the issue of speaking at the Security Council to make it a global issue rather than an East African issue or an issue isolated to Kenya or Ethiopia.

“It’s not a regional issue, it’s a global issue, so we want a voice at the highest level of the Security Council,’’ Rasso said.

The politician added that he hoped Nairobi would receive technologies from Moscow that could help it fight terrorists.

“Really, they (Russia) can see it fit that maybe they want to support with drones, with technology that is able to find out their (Al-Shabab) hideouts and their equipment.

“Others are their movement in terms of the military footprint that they have on the ground and maybe also their military intentions where they are going to disrupt peace in the region.’’

Al-Shabab has been staging numerous attacks in Somalia and in the nearby countries.



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