Kenya urged to withdraw its troops from Somalia attack Nairobi attack

The Kenyan opposition party has renewed its call to withdraw the military from neighboring Somalia.

The demand comes one week after the deadly Nairobi hotel attack that was claimed by al-Shabaab which claimed the lives of more than 21 people including two British and one US nationals.

Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetang’ula has reiterated his call for Kenyan Defense Forces under the banner of AMISOM to be recalled from Somalia.

Addressing the media in his office on Tuesday in the capital Nairobi, Wetang’ula said Kenya’s mission was stabilizing Somalia through the creation of buffer zone, which was contested by both state and non-state actors.

Moses Wetangula, the current Bungoma Senator, was the Foreign Affairs minister when Kenyan soldiers crossed the border into Somalia in October 2011.

“Somalia sees Kenya as a source of occupation and, therefore, there is need to take a soberer means of addressing the security issues in the region,” he said.

He expressed fears over the trend of terror attacks in Kenya and called for a change of tact in fighting terrorism.

“What is worrying is that the attackers are our youngsters that have been converted,” he said.

The senator blamed the Judiciary for delaying and taking long to prosecute terror-related cases and individuals accused of taking part in financing and masterminding the attacks that occur in the country.



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