Kenyan forces injured over 20 people in a raid in Mandera

Kenyan forces on Wednesday injured over 20 local residents and burnt houses in Mandera county, an official confirmed.

Reports say the forces raided Daba-city village in Mandera County near Kenya’s border with Somalia after a vehicle they were traveling in was hit by Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) planted on the road.

Residents said the soldiers who raided the village ordered the villagers to lie facing down before raining blows and kicks on them. They were also beaten up using clubs.

Mandera County governor, Ali Roba who confirmed the incident has accused the forces of attacking 22 unarmed civilians and torturing them.

The governor condemned the incident saying it may cause mistrust and insecurity in the area.

“This incident is going to recreate a situation of distrust between the public and the security which will mean a situation whereby the public will be not be speaking about dangerous of Al-Shabaab movement which will mean take over this region by Al-Shabaab,” Mr. Roba said.

He called on the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights to probe the incident, saying it was not the first time soldiers are accused of torture and harassment.

Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) has not commented on the latest attack on Daba-city village which led displacement of hundreds of local residents.

This is rescindment of an incident early this month where bodies of three herders found in Elram village near Elwak town.



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