Kenyan security forces detain 10 Somalis at the border

The security forces of Kenya were reported to have arrested at least 7 Somali nationals at Liboi, a town near the border between Somalia and Kenya.

Kenyan authorities say they have enhanced security patrols along the border with Somalia to avert Al-Shabab attacks inside Kenya.

Mandera County Commissioner, Mr. Kuswa Olaka said the government deployed enough forces at the border to beef up the security.

The forces will carry out security patrols across the border between Somalia and Kenya, according to the commissioner.

“We are doing our best to foil any attack by Al-Shabab fighters. Our forces will enhance border patrol,” he said.

The commissioner pointed out that Al-Shabab wants to attack several places alongside the border.

“They (Al-Shabab) were also planning to bomb some places in the region according to intelligence reports but we manage to secure them,” Olaka affirmed.

He called on the local residents to work with the security forces.

“We urge the public to work closely with the police and other security agencies during the month of Ramadan. Let us stand to protect our towns and villages from Al-Shabab,” he urged.

The Kenya government has directed its security agencies to step up operations during the Ramadan.

Al-Shabaab has been targeting military and police vehicles either by laying ambushes or planting explosives on the road in Kenya’s northeast region, especially in Mandera and Garissa counties.

Kenyan troops are serving with the Africa Union Mission in Somalia to fight against Al-Shabaab in support of the Somali government.



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