Lamu residents urged not to panic over security drills with Al Shabaab attacks

Lamu East MP Athman Shariff has told residents of Basuba ward not to confuse Linda Boni Operation security drills with al Shabaab attacks.

Speaking in Lamu yesterday he told people to remain calm as officers step up efforts to flush out al Shabaab terrorists from Boni Forest.

Residents have been complaining about gunshots and explosions. They feared they were under attack from the militants.

“Many people have reported to me about the gunshots and explosions. I have reliably learnt they are security drills. People have no reason to worry,” he said.

Residents want security bosses to give prior notice before holding the drills so as not scare people.

Elder Ali Gubo said residents flee into the forest whenever they hear the gunshots. Many spend the night in the cold.

“People here associate the explosions with al Shabaab raids. How were they to know it was a drill if they are not told? Security officials should tell us so we can differentiate with al Shabaab,” Gubo said.

Residents want the drills done away for human settlements.



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