Mogadishu security is improving, says mayor

The mayor of Mogadishu, Abdirahman Yarisow is now optimistic about the security of the capital amid ongoing routine operations to restore peace and stability.

Speaking at a security meeting in the city, the mayor said the government forces with the support of the locals have made tangible progress in the security in the past months.

“During the conference on the stabilization of the country, we have presented our own plan to secure Mogadishu and the achievements made in the past 4 months,” he added.

The situation of the IDPs in the capital and surrounding areas have dominated the meeting as the locally displaced people are currently in dire need of humanitarian assistance following heavy rains and floods.

The mayor stated that his administration is working to restore the city’s lost glory through enhanced service delivery, better management, and the integration o the people.

The city’s municipality wants to rebuild Mogadishu Stadium, the biggest sports field in Somalia which has been a military base for the African Union forces [AMISOM for 10 years.



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