NISA says militants, arms cache seized during operation by its elite unit

Two key members of the armed group Alshabaab were arrested and an arsenal of unknown value was recovered, the national intelligence agency has said on Friday.

Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) also said in a tweeter post that explosive making materials were also recovered during the operation by its elite unit on December 1st on lower Shabelle region.

” Planned operation by the members of security agency on Alshabaab finance office in Canole nabbed two figures and recovered explosives arms cache,” the tweet said.

The spy agency did not elaborate the names and the titles of the arrested armed group figures in the security operation but reiterated its commitment to preempt terror attacks aimed at civilians in the country.

NISA posted on its online platforms various security operations it said targeted Alshabaab and Islamic state members around Mogadishu but didn’t share the details of arrested suspects with the members of the press.

Alshabaab suspects are tried in Somali military court in Mogadishu, those found guilty are mostly sentenced to death by the martial court.



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