Norway says will recognize Somalia passport from August

Norway government will be recognising Somalia’s passport for the first time since the fall of the country’s central government in 1990.

The Somali government has been carrying out initiatives to improve the security feature of the country’s biometric passport.

Speaking at a ceremony in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, Norway ambassador to Kenya, Victor C. Ronneberg announced that the Norwegian government will recognise Somali passports from next month.

Rønneberg said diplomatic, service and ordinary passports of the horn of Africa country will be accepted by Norwegian Immigration department.

Norway embassy in Nairobi will accept to issue visas to Somali passport holders from 1st August, Norwegian officials who spoke at the event.

For his part, Somalia’s Foreign Minister, Ahmed Issa Awad welcomed the move saying the Somali government put a lot of efforts to convince the government of Norway.

“It is a historic day, the government of Norway had recognised Somalia’s diplomatic passports,” Awad said, “Today they recognised all passports including service and ordinary passports have fully recognised following stiff efforts by Somali Immigration department.”

Among other European countries that recognised Somali passport are, France, Italy, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Portugal and Estonia.



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