Puntland launches probe into alleged rape of 12-year-old girl

Puntland regional state president, Said Abdullahi Deni has vowed to punish culprits behind the rape and death of 12-year-old girl in Galkacyo on Monday.

The lifeless body of Isha ilIlyasdan was found dumped near their home after she disappeared on Sunday.

“I expect the authorities to take stiff action against those responsible for the heinous act,” President Deni said.“We need to take part in the safeguarding of our people.”

The regional leader pointed the finger to the drugs and substance abuse as a kea y driver of rape in the state administration mainly in the city of Galkacyo where the attack took place.

Deni said young people who use drugs in the area might be responsible for the rape and death of the 12-year-old girl.

“The increasing abuse of drugs among our young people and advance in the education sector is two contradicting issues,” he said.

Security agencies have arrested several suspects in connection to the incident after operations and are conducting investigations according to the police.

Lessons across the schools in Galkcayo has been suspended to allow students to take part in the funeral ceremony of the young girl scheduled today.

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Source: somalipm.com


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