Puntland says its army killed Al Shabaab militants during operation

Puntland state of Somalia said its forces have killed 12 Al-Shabaab fighters and several others were injured in security operation in Galgala mountains of Puntland state.

Galgala is a chain of mountains in Puntland in northern Somalia where Al-Shabaab and pockets of Islamic State fighters have been battling regional forces for several years.

In a statement, Puntland Security Forces said Puntland commandos conducted operations in several villages in the outskirts of Bossaso town.

The operations took place in Madarshoon, Karin Haragod, Maridle, Dindigle and Harweyn villages of Al-Madow ranges which lies 53 km southwest of Bosaso town.

The elite forces of Puntland Security Forces (PSF) launched coordinated operations against Al-Shabaab on the 23rd of September 2018,” the statement reads. “The forces killed 12 Al-Shabaab fighters and wounded a number of fighters.

The statement said the forces took control of Al-Shabaab bases in areas.

In a separate operation in Bossaso and Galkayo towns, Puntland forces detained several Al-Shabaab and ISIS suspects.

Source: somalipm.com


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