Shabelle Media Network marks 16 years of professional journalism

Shabelle Media Network [SMN], a leading independent broadcaster in Somalia, is celebrating today, the 6th May which marks the sixteenth anniversary of its existence and professional journalism.

Sixteen years ago this day the first signal of Radio Shabelle, FM 101.5 hit the airwaves in Somalia with a pledge for dedicated broadcasting service to the public and gained vast popularity at home and abroad.

The station was first launched in Merca, the regional capital of Lower Shabelle, on May 6, 2002 to cater the much-needed information to the listeners in Somalia and give the Somali people a comprehensive picture of the political, cultural and economic state of their country, letting them have the opportunity to express their freedom of speech on the important social and political issues in their country.

History in the making

Through the past 16 years, Shabelle Media Network and its website, will be remembered for the tangible role it took in covering the droughts stricken southern Somalia in 2005.

The Network has long been known for its radio drama QOMAMO, which means in English (Remorse) that reached out thousands of young militias in the country.

The radio drama which exposed the ugliness of being an armed militiaman and used by warlords who cared about nobody but themselves and their wealth.

Hundreds of armed men repented, laid down their arms and joined the rest their average people because of Shabelle radio play that touched the real lives of armed militias in Somalia.

To ensure a wider outreach both locally and internationally, SMN has expanded and upgraded its infrastructure by setting up bureaus in several towns in the country, including Dhusamareb and Adado.

In addition, Shabelle Media Network is now transmitting to its global audiences via Live streaming and besides robust Somali and English portals,

In marking 16 years of exemplary and professional journalism, we stand by our overarching call to unequivocal loyalty to our audience.

Shabelle Media Network Mogadishu, 6th May 2018.



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