Somali army repulses Al-Shabaab attack in Bardere town, 9 killed

Somali forces Sunday night repulsed attacks from the militant group Al-Shabaab in Bardere town in Lower Jubba region with reports indicating at least 9 militants were killed.

Sources said Al-Shabaab fighters attacked a military base in the town, leading to a clash which ensued for several hours during the night.

At least 9 Al Shabaab members died in the attack and two were captured alive by the Somali military, according to Farah Mohamed, a senior army commander in the area.

”We captured two fighters alive, we also seized weapons and ammunition. The men have been taken into the custody of the security forces,” said Mohamed.

The officer did not disclose casualties on their side, but, Al Shabaab has claimed it inflicted heavy losses on the government forces.

The attack comes barely two days after Al-Shabab carried out simultaneous attacks on Bali-Khadar and Moqokori military bases in Bari and Hiran regions respectively.



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