Somali, AU forces carry out operation in Bakool, kill Al-Shabab commander

South West forces have killed Al-Shabab commander in a security operation carried out in Bakol region, officials confirm.

The commander identified as Moalim Derrow was killed together with his three bodyguards in a security operation conducted by South West forces in the outskirts of Wajid district in Bakol region late on Tuesday.

The deputy commissioner of Wajid district in charge of security, Adow Abdirahman said the operations that occurred at Lafoole village located 30 KM away from Wajid district was well coordinated and targeted Al-Shabaab hideouts in the region.

“The security forces have launched well-coordinated operations, Al-Shabaab commander, Moalim and three staff were gunned down and the forces are pursuing other militants who escaped they were overpowered,” said Adow.

Mr. Adow, the deputy commissioner of Wajid district also confirmed that the forces recovered weapons and ammunition including 4 AK-47 rifles during the operations.

He added that the anti-Shabab operations aimed to dismantle the presence and the threats of the group in the region will continue.

Despite the claims of South West administration, no other independent sources that have verified the murder of Al-Shabaab commander in Bakol region.

Bakol regions are one of the strongholds of Al-Shabaab, Wajid has been under siege since 2014 when Al-Shabaab blocked the main supply route in the area as they were pushed out of the towns in a joint security operation carried out by SNA and AMISOM.



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