Somali, AU troops carry out a joint operation in central Somalia

Somali National Army (SNA) killed a senior al-Shabab official in an operation in the country’s central town of Jalalaqsi, officials said on Sunday.

Mohamad Nur Caga Jof, governor of Jalalaqsi, told journalists that two of SNA forces sustained injuries during the operation which was backed by African Union forces.

The forces killed one militant who represented al-Shabab in collecting taxes in Jalalaqsi and burnt combat vehicles used by the militants, the official said.

Residents in nearby towns told the media that gunfight broke out in Jalalaqsi and lasted for several hours.

“We have been told that Somali government forces attacked al-Shabab fighters hiding in the town, there was huge gunfire exchanged by the two sides,” a resident named Hassan Afrah said.

Somali national forces and African Union Mission in Somalia intensified the operations on al-Shabab militants in central and southern Somalia, conducting consecutive operations to flush out al-Qaida linked group from these regions.



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