Somali deputy PM meets top US official and King of Jordan

Somali delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister, Mahdi Mohamed Guled is in Jordan where he attended counter-terrorism conference.

The conference which opened last Sunday focused on how to counter violent extremism ideologies through economic and military means across the globe.

Guled who is accompanied by the deputy minister for security and other senior federal government officials delivered a speech at the conference.

Various heads of state attended the forum that is set to produce concrete steps to deal with the threats posed by violent extremist groups in various parts of the world.

The deputy PM also met With King Abdullah II Jordan and United States Secretary of Homeland Security and discussed on a range of issues, including bilateral relations.

Somalia is among the countries that have suffered attacks by terror groups such as al Shabaab and Islamic state.

Two top military officials who were spearheading the fights against al Shabaab were killed in landmine on Friday outside Mogadishu.

Al Shabaab claimed the responsibility for the attack.



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