Somali government calls for an end to the clan clashes in Sool province

The Federal Government of Somalia has on Tuesday released a statement calling for an immediate end to the renewed inter-clan fighting in Southern Sool region.

The government has urged both warring sides to opt for dialogue in resolving their dispute instead of bloodshed which causes deaths and displacement.

More than 20 people have been killed in clan clashes in Sool province, local sources told Puntland Mirror.

The clashes between two local militias from the Dhulbahante clan erupted on Monday in Dhumay village of Sool, according to sources.

Nearly 30 people were also wounded in the fighting, which was the deadliest clashes in the region.

Dhumay is a village located about 40 kilometers south of Las-anod, Sool regional capital.

The hostile between these two clans started in 2003, and has continued sporadically since then, despite more efforts to agree a truce.

The traditional elders and religious leaders in the region, called on both sides immediately stop fighting.



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