Somali military court sentences 3 over hotel attack

A Somali military court on Wednesday sentenced 3 men convicted over last October’s devastating siege on a hotel in the capital Mogadishu, which killed scores of people and injured many more.

The chief of the military court, General Hassan Ali Shute, said Abdinasir Dhaqane, Farhan Mohamed and Abshir Mohamed were sentenced to death after being convicted of involving in the attack.

The trio played role in the assault on Nasa Hablod Two in the capital and subsequently detained after they were overpowered during a shootout as they tried to escape the scene.

Dozens of people, including a regional minister have been killed and many others wounded in the raid on the popular hotel in the city, which took place on 28th Oct 2017.

The court decision can be appealed, according to the chairman of the military court.



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