Somali military court sentences soldier to death for killing civilian

A military tribunal in Mogadishu has sentenced a government soldier to death for killing a civilian in Mahad district in Middle Shabelle region, south of Somalia.

Abdulkadir Mohamud Ali was found guilty by the court for the murder of civilian Abdirahman Adow Mohamud on November last year.

The deceased who was a driver and famous in the area was shot from a close range by the soldier in a checkpoint in Mahaday, Middle Shabelle region.

The suspect was transferred to Jowhar police before arraigned in court in Mogadishu.

The criminal investigation department submitted medical records and other evidence regarding the killing of the civilian citizen by the suspect and after examination by the court sentenced ex-soldier Abdulkadir Mohamud Ali to death.

The former soldier can appeal the ruling according to the military court judges.

Human rights group have accused Somali military court previously for executions of suspects without proper investigations claims denied by the senior Somali government officials.

Somali military court handles cases related to security mainly terrorism.

It has sentenced several al-Shabaab suspected to death before.

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