Somali official denies reports of foreign inmate injured in jail


Somali security officials have said an attempt by some prisoners to harm foreign inmate inside Mogadishu jail was foiled by prison officials on Sunday.

The deputy commissioner of Somali custodial guards, Abdulkarim Ali Afrah said his officers have aborted the plan to harm Anthony Thomas after learning the plot by fellow inmates.

“Some prisoners tried to harm him but we succeeded to abort the plan.” He said.

He ruled out earlier reports by some section of media in the country about possible injury inflicted on the prisoner during an attempted attack on those he described as Alshabaab and Islamic state suspects in the same prison facility.

“He was not in the same room with the other criminals in the first place,” Somali deputy commissioner for custodial guards, Abdulkarim Ali Afrah has confirmed,

“Embassy officials and staff from Bancraft company have visited him,” he added

The British citizen, Anthony Thomas was detained at Aden Abdulle International airport last week after airport security officials found several tear gas canisters inside his suitcase during a security check.

He is expected to be arraigned in court in forthcoming days to answer the charges.



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