Somali Parliament debated on Aviation and Airspace Bill

The Members of Somali Parliament today debated on the country’s civil aviation bill less than a year after the country regained the control its airspace.

The bill which was drafted by the Ministry of Aviation was approved by the cabinet in May this year before it was submitted to the federal parliament.

The bill is expected to help the country manage the aviation which could lead to economic growth.

Late last year, Somali government retook the control of its airspace after more than two decades.

Air traffic over the Horn of African nation was under the control of the United Nations since 1992, a year after the Somali civil war broke out following the collapse of the collapse of the Central government.

Prior to the collapse of Somalia’s central government led by late Mohamed Siyad Barre in 1991, the country effectively and efficiently managed and controlled its airspace and was able to collect overfly charges.

When the country plunged into civil war, Somalia lost millions of dollars as there was no credible oversight organization despite ICAO operations to control the air traffic over Somalia.



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