Somali parliament passes out new bills

Somali upper house of federal parliament has on Wednesday passed a bill to establish the national anti-corruption agency in the country.

Almost all 31 house representative who was present in the 4th session of the 9th sitting voted in favor of the bill which will. be crucial for the fight against graft in the horn of the Africa nation.

Upper house justice committee chair Zamzam Ibrahim Ali briefed the session about the inputs on the bill in 2nd and 3rd readings of the bill before the voting which was by show of hands.

Justice minister of the federal republic of Somalia, Hassan Hussein Haji was also present at the signing session.

The focus will now shift to the implementation of the federal government to start the formation of the independent anti-corruption body.

The body will be significant in the fight against rampant corruption in the recuperating state.

According to the report by the United Nations on February this year Somalia was ranked one of the corrupt countries in the world.

The UN envoy to Somalia in his end of year assessment report noted that despite recent progress pervasive corruption mainly in politics continues to hinder state building in the country.



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