Somali parliament speaker in Jordan for Arab conference

The speaker of Somalia’s parliament Mursal Abdirahman is in Jordan for the 29th Conference of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (APU).

The meeting kicked off on Sunday in Amman, under the theme “Jerusalem is the Eternal Capital of the State of Palestine” and with the participation of the heads of 16 Arab parliaments and representatives of other parliaments.

The conference represents an opportunity to restore the cohesion of Arab parliamentary action and unite their stances in a way that enables coordination and mobilisation in the mobilization the nation’s central issues, on top of which is the Palestinian cause.

The speaker expressed hope that the conference would strengthen Arab parliamentary cooperation to overcome the challenges facing Arab countries.

Somalia has been beset by a two-decade-long conflict that besieged the country from the world due to lack of an effective functioning government in place.

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