Somali PM Hassan Ali Khaire names new ministers

Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheire on Wednesday night appointed new ministers after several ministers and assistants resigned from their posts for various reasons.

The names of the ministers appointed are as follows.

  1. Hassan Moalim Hussein- Minister for Religious Endowment.
  2. Hassan Ali Mohamed- Minister for Defense.
  3. Dahir Mohamud Guelleh- Minister for Information.
  4. Abdiaziz Abdullahi Mohamed- Minister For Energy and Water.
  5. Hamza Saed Hamza- Minister for Humanitarian and Disaster Management.
  6. Abdifatah Mohamed Ibrahim – Minister for Public Works.

Deputy Ministers

  1. Adan Isack Ali- Assistant Minister for Information.
  2. Isack Mohamed Mohamud assistant Minister Interior.
  3. Abdirahman Iidan Yonis- Assistant Minister for Posts and Telecommunication.
  4. Mohamed Saed Abdullahi- Assistant Minister for Health.
  5. Abdirashid Mohamud Hassan- Assistant Minister for Humanitarian and Disaster Management.

State Ministers

  1. Dahir Abdi Abdullahi- State Minister for Commerce.
  2. Mohamud Mohamed Bunow- State Minister for Security.



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