Somali PM receives Southwest State leader at his office in Mogadishu

Somali Prime minister, Hassan Ali Khaire held a meeting with Southwest State president, Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed [Lafta Garen], for the first time since his election in December.

The PM has received the regional leader at his office in Mogadishu on Tuesday night.

Lafta Garen, a former Somali Energy minister was elected as Southwest State president during a presidential election took place in Baidoa last December.

His election was marred by allegations of vote-buying and manipulation in the electoral process of the regional state.

Prior to his election, 15 civilians were shot dead by police in the city during a violent riot broke out following the arrest of former Al-Shabab deputy commander, Mukhtar Robow.

The Federal government of Somalia detained Robow in Mogadishu prison and said international sanctions remain imposed on him after his defection from Al-Shabaab.

UN demanded answers from Somali government on the legal basis for the arrest of Robow and called for investigations into the deaths during the protests.

This has led to the expulsion of United Nations envoy, Nickolas Haysom.



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