Somali police killed senior Al-Shabaab operative in Mogadishu

A senior Al-shabab commander was killed on Tuesday after Somali government forces conducted convert operations in Mogadishu.

The crackdown comes less than 24 hours after Al-shabab fighters claimed responsibility of a suicide bomber that detonated on a district headquarters in Mogadishu claimed the lives of over 10 people and wounded 15 others.

The commander gunned down by government forces identified as Abukar Hassan was the head of Al-shabab in Yaqshid and Huruwa district in Benadir region.

Somali Police spokesman, Kasim Ahmed Roble said the government forces tried to disarm and arrest the commander before killing but he defied the order and attacked the forces conducting the operations. Kasim added that Hassan killed one officer and wounded another.

The spokesman said the police forces officers earlier killed many Al-shabab officers who were working closely with the commander killed during the operation.



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