Somali Police Officers completed a training course in Djibouti

Over one hundred Somali police officers have completed a three-month training course in Djibouti.

Somali Police Chief, Gen. Bashir Abdi Mohamed has concluded the ceremony of mentorship training for 150 Somali Police Force (SPF) officers in a ceremony held in Idris-Farah-Habane Academy in Djibouti.

The training is meant to equip the officers with necessary skills to ensure vigilance and detect as well as address any security threats across Somalia.

The trainees were taken through the courses of crime, investigation and dismantling riots as well as community policing and maintaining law and order.

They were also equipped with means to resolve local conflicts and manage hostilities among the general public.

Speaking at the ceremony, Somali police chief Gen. Bashir has commended the role of Djibouti government in rebuilding Somalia.

In 2011, Djibouti contributed to peacekeeping forces to Somalia to serve under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

The country has now a contingent of 960 troops based in Beletweyne town of Hiran region serving as Sector four.

Last year and early this year, Djibouti soldiers in Djibouti came to the aid of civilians in Beletweyne, helping to organise evacuations after heavy rains caused massive flooding in the region.



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