Somali president asks cabinet to spearhead nation rebuilding

The President of The Federal Government of Somalia has called upon the cabinet to speed up the approval of the election laws which is still pending.

Speaking during weekly cabinet meeting on Thursday in which the President personally chaired the meeting for the first time since his election on February last year, His Excellency requested the cabinet members to pass the election laws in the next weekly meeting after which it will be submitted to the parliament for final approval.

“ I want to request you to approve the elections laws in the next  weekly meeting to achieve our plan to c conduct  polls in 2020,” he said.

” We don’t want to waste any more time so that the parliament approves it before the end of the year, ” he added.

Meanwhile some of the opposition political parties in the country said they are concerned how swift the president Abdullahi Farmajo is speeding up the election laws approval without consultations with members of the opposition.

Constitutional review, federalism and 2020 election process were among the top agenda in today’s cabinet meeting.



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