Somali president inks deal to establish national disability agency

President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo on Monday signed the law of National Disability Agency.

The President has signed the bill into a law during brief meeting held at his office in Villa Somalia attended by the minister of women and human rights and various representatives of the disable community.

“I thank both lower and upper houses of the parliament for taking their time to approve this significant bill,” The President said.

The President added that his government will ensure the rights of the disabled population will be taken care of according to the new law.

“My Government will try to provide quality education, health and jobs to the disabled community as we continue to establish the independent body to protect their interest.” He said.

The minister for women and human rights of federal, Deko Yassin whose ministry prepared the bill has thanked the civil society organizations for their input saying the move is step forward for her ministry to improve human rights in the country.

“We can’t forget the vital role of the civil society organizations in the process of the disability bill.” The minister said.

On his part, the chairman of the Somali disable community, Sayid Ali Abdullahi Salat said the endorsement of the bill by the President will have immediate impact on the lives of the disable population.

“The bill is very significant as far as the education, health and employment sectors for our members,” he said.

The implementation which is set to start soon will include establishment of the independent disable agency with regional offices and funding from the government to safeguard the rights of the physically challenged population in the country.



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