Somali president opens the 4th session of Parliament

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has officially opened the fourth session of the House of the People of the Federal Parliament on Monday in Mogadishu.

The President delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony held at General Kahiye Police Academy in Mogadishu with attendance of high-level officials, including the PM.

The President spoke about the current situation in the country as well as East Africa, including security and economic cooperation and the fight against Al Shabaab.

The Federal lawmakers have been on recess since last may when house finished its third session which has been marred by a political standoff.

Hundreds of security forces intensified their presence around the Academy increasing the number of checkpoints as they inspect vehicles heading to the compound.

The opening of the national assembly’s session comes days after the Federal states announced that they cut off ties with the Mogadishu-based government.



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