Somali Security Forces Arrested Senior Al-Shabab Commander in Mogadishu

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Security forces have arrested Amniyat Sub-commander of Al-Shabab’s assassination unit in intelligence-based operations conducted in Mogadishu, on Thursday March 21, 2019.

The detainees had been involved in terrorist activities and assassinations which left many Somali Intellectuals dead while he had been plotting assassinations to target civilians before the Security forces identified and arrested him.

Last week, security forces nabbed three high-profile Al Shabaab commanders including, the groups’ head of the Barire Court and other senior Amniyat (Shabab’s assassination unit) commanders in a massive security operations in Mogadishu as they were involving planning and staging suicide bombings against civilian targets in the city.

Somali security forces have repeatedly disbanded terrorist group’s activities in the country and killed their members during security operations in Lower Shabelle region for last months.

Meanwhile, many other terrorists responsible for the killings and bombings against innocent civilians are being pursued by security units.

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