Somali troops retake Moqokori town from Al-Shabaab

Somali National Army (SNA) took over Muqokori town on Saturday after Al-Shabab fighters withdrew from the area, a resident confirmed.

Corresponding reports from the residents indicated that armed Al-Shabaab fighters who seized the town on Friday afternoon pulled out of the area without fighting.

A resident who asked for anonymity told Halbeeg News that Somali forces backed African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) seized the town after the fighters vacated.

“The town is under the control of Somali forces now. The soldiers arrived in the town at midnight after Al-Shabab fighters left the town for unknown reasons,” said the resident.

The allied forces have launched operations to the town and its surrounding areas.

The Somali government has not yet commented on Friday fighting between its forces and Al-Shabab fighters.

The town has been a battlefield since 2014 as it was falling under the control of both sides at interval times.

Somali forces with the support of AMISOM troops have been fighting Al-Shabab since 2007 when AU deployed its troops in Somalia to help the government in the fight against Al-Shabab.

Alshabab lost control of many towns including the capital city to allied forces.

The group mans several towns and villages in South and central Somalia.



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