Somalia, Germany sign agreement in Mogadishu

Germany has pledged to increase its support for Somalia by providing 100 million USD to enhance development and policing programs in the horn of African nation.

The European nation has recently appointed a new ambassador to Somalia for the first time in decades.

In a ceremony to celebrate the Day of German Unit, its new ambassador, Annett Günther announced that her government will give Somalia $100 million to strengthen its development projects in Somalia.

“The government of Germany will provide $100 million to the Somali government. The fund will be used to facilitate difference issues to the Youth of Somalia and create skilled next generations, We going to strengthen our diplomatic ties and presence here,” she said during her speech at the ceremony.

The envoy commended Somali government’s reform in the economic and security scheme.

During the ceremony, the ambassador signed two constructive cooperation agreements with Somali minister for Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Iss Awad.

The deals will focus on financial cooperation, which will cost 15 million euros and technical cooperation, which also costs € 9.7 million.



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