Somalia marks first anniversary of October 14 trucking bombing

Today marks exactly one year since the horrendous bombing attack in Mogadishu that leftover 500 people dead and property worth millions of USD destroyed took place.

The attack was perpetrated by a suicide bomber who drove a truck loaded with explosives and detonated it at one of the city’s business districts.

The country is expected to hold nationwide memorial events to commemorate the victims of the attack.

Hundreds of thousands of Mogadishu residents who bear the scars from the bombing are expected to attend the congregation marked to take place at the site where the blast occurred.

The Somali government said security would be tightened in the area to allow residents to commemorate their fallen family members and friends.

Last week, Somali government declared 14th October as a National Day of Mourning.

On Friday, the metallic monument, painted in blue-colors and built by the local government has been erected along Zobe junction as well as the site of the devastating bombing.



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