Somalia’s Deputy minister for Trade and Industry suspended

Somali prime minister, Hassan Ali Kheire has suspended the country’s deputy minister for Trade amid the government intensified its fight against graft.

In a statement on Wednesday, Kheire has directed Mohamed Khalif Diriye to step aside following recommendations by the Attorney General.

“After recommendations from the Attorney General, the Prime Minister suspends the deputy minister of Trade and Industry.” the statement reads in part.

No reason has been given for the deputy minister’s suspension.

The suspension of the deputy minister who is a lawmaker comes barely a week after Fake money printing syndicate was unearthed.

Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) arrested two individuals suspected to have been part of the group laundering fake dollars.

Investigators from the National Intelligence agency were trying to piece together a case linking a federal lawmaker to a counterfeit currency syndicate saying the federal lawmaker has been helping the syndicate to run their operation.



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