Southwest state assembly unanimously approves cabinet

The regional parliament of the Southwest state of Somalia has unanimously approved the new cabinet on Wednesday.

Out of 124 MPs present at the parliament during the meeting, only one lawmaker rejected to endorse the new regional cabinet recently unveiled by the state leader, Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed alias Laftagareen.

The speaker of the regional assembly, Abdikadir Sharif Shekhuna Maye who was chairing the meeting announced the approval of the cabinet in the seventh session of the 2nd assembly meeting.

The new cabinet members composed of 25 ministers and their deputies were later sworn in to assume their offices.

Regional state leader, Abdiaziz Laftagareen thanked members of the regional assembly for the approval of his new cabinet.

Laftagareen urged the parliament to collaborate with his administration so as to fulfill its duties to the public and promote good service delivery.

He was elected into office in December last year has pledged to improve security, provide free education and better health care while fostering reconciliation among various warring parties in his state administration.

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