Southwest State president fires Lower Shabelle governor

The Interim South West Administration (ISWA) President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan addresses guests during the Medal Award Ceremony in Baidoa , Somalia on March 28 2015. AMISOM Photo / Sabir Olad.

Southwest State president Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden has sacked the governor of Lower Shabelle region Ibrahim Aden Ali [Najah] through a presidential decree.

Ali who has been serving the office for years was relieved of his deputy for unspecified reasons. He has been replaced with Mohamed Ibrahim Barre.

Meanwhile, Southwest leader has fired the deputy governor of Somalia’s breadbasket region, Lower Shabelle on social affairs Abdullahi Mohamed Nur.

In a Presidential decree, Southwest leader has appointed Ibrahim Adan Ali, immediate former governor of Lower Shabelle region as the minister for the presidency.

The new governor pledged to improve security and economy of the region which been plagued by inter-clan clashes and fighting between Somali military and Al-Shabab.

Al-Shabab fighters control several towns and villages in Lower Shabelle region. The group has training bases, its own court and reinforcement bases in the region.



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