Southwest state president steps resigns

Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden has resigned as leader of southwest regional administration ahead of the presidential election slated for next week.

In a statement, Mr. Adan announced that he was stepping aside following weeks of a political rift with the federal government.

“From today, 17th of November, I hereby announced that I resigned from my post as the president of Southwest state,” reads the statement.

Mr. Sharif who has been ruling the state since its inception in 2014 has also shelved his ambition to seek the second term.

The immediate leader of Southwest has handed over power to the speaker of the regional assembly Abdikadir Sharif Shekhuna who will be holding office until a new president is elected.

Many political analysts say the resignation and drop out of the president from the race is a big success to the federal government.

The development comes barely a day after Somali federal government underscored the need to hold presidential elections in the Southwest State for the scheduled time



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